Stefanie Ollenburg 
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What do you want to achieve today for an uncertain future?

some new ideas may sound and look good, but are they right for you?


It takes more than "new and improved", the nice appearance or messages to be effective. Your values, preferences, and goals need to be translated into a comprehensive and meaningful strategy for your communication, services or  projects.


I belief everything is already there and such a process is like gold-digging. You know your organization, your philosophy and often there is a vision. Brought to light, combined and discussed with all relevant stakeholders, the process supports to become a comprehensive organization that customers will trust and be loyal to.


But how does this work?

The process I use is based on the design process analysis, projection, synthesis:

In the analysis phase together we will analyze and understand your preferences and your fundamental values as well as the interests and peculiarities of your potential customers: your target group and stakeholders.

The projection phase is playful. It will reveal the colorfulness of what is there and what can be without judgment and without metal boundaries.

This leads into the synthesis phase of facts and fiction to result in a conceptual and plausible framework as the strategy to plan  projects, campaigns and the like


My role will be to facilitate and support you while digging for gold. I introduce the tools needed but leave you the space to find your truth! In the end we will sift the sand to find the best nuggets. I will help to translate so your potential customer and users understand you!


Further I can develop needed material from concept, design future-oriented ideas and implement various media solutions. Whether for your business or your individual use. You benefit from my many years of experience in the conception, the guidance of strategic-creative processes, as well as my further training in the field of Futures Studies.


As a conceptional designer and futurist, I support your communication process and your desire to change – today for a better tomorrow.


// co-creating // designing // future thinking //

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